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Who uses the Drain Down Pro tool?

Commercial and industrial plumbers.

When would I use a Drain Down Pro tool?

Use the DDP to: Safely & confidently confirm the water is off before cutting into any 1.5" - 4" water line. Quickly & cleanly drain down piping systems. When doing Service and/or TI work in critical environments such as: Hospitals, Data centers, High rises, Labs, Universities, Government buildings. Any finished space you can't afford to damage.

How many tools do I need for my company?

We recommend to have one Drain Down Pro tool on every truck that is doing any work that is mentioned above. Commercial plumbers need quick access to this tool to eliminate flood risk when cutting into water pipes.

How do commercial plumbers confirm water is shut down today?

Many commercial plumbers use the 'self-tapping screw' method, try to make a small slit in the pipe with a sawzall or drill a small hole to check if the pipe is live. These methods are very hacky, messy and risky.

How do commercial plumbers do drain downs today?

Whether commercial plumbers know or don't know if they have 1 or 50 gallons of water in a piping system that needs to be drained after they make their cut, commercial plumbers use buckets, trash cans, kitty pools, poly sheeting, etc. to collect water and protect property when cutting into pipes and catching excess water. They have no way of controlling the water and these methods are very slow and messy.

Why should I use a Drain Down Pro tool?

If you want to protect your business reputation. If you want to be safer, more professional, and retire the current hacky ways. If you like keeping your customers happy, and not spilling water all over their space. If you want to eliminate flood risk and keep your safety score really good, and your insurance really low.

Drain Down Pro vs hot tapping

The Drain Down Pro tool has nothing to do with hot tapping. Hot tapping is a way to connect to a live pipe without shutting down the system. When using a DDP, you shut off the water first. Then use the DDP to 100% confirm the water is off, and drain down any excess water before doing your work.

Do I still need a Drain Down Pro when pipe freezing?

Absolutely! The Drain Down Pro can confirm the water is 100% frozen before making that butt puckering cut!

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