Use Cases

The Drain Down Pro tool is used when doing commercial plumbing service and tenant improvement work in many types of commercial buildings.

Use the Drain Down Pro in any of these scenarios or related

Commercial hospital TI plumbing the old way

Commercial tenant improvement plumbing in Hospital

Does this look familiar? The Drain Down Pro eliminates the water mess/flood risk when drilling the drain holes, 2 garbage cans to catch draining water, the time waste & reputation risk associated with this method. If you care about your reputation, the DDP is a must have.

Confirm Old Gate Valve is OFF w/Drain Down Pro

Joe is using the Drain Down Pro to confirm an old gate valve is OFF before cutting into the pipe. Old gate valves have a history of failing, and the Drain Down Pro can protect you from a flood catastrophe if it does.

Drain Down Water Level w/Drain Down Pro

Drain down pro used to get the water level down to throw a tee on the pipe before the out going valve on the filter head pipe so we could fill the catalyst carbon and gravel in the tanks.

3-Story Building Drain Down w/Drain Down Pro

Using the Drain Down Pro to drain a 3-story building down to install a future branch line and valve. Quick clean, easy, and saves me time!

60' Pipe Drain Down w/Drain Down Pro

Draining a 60’ horizontal 3” pipe of water with the Drain Down Pro without a drip of water on those beautiful floors, what an amazing tool!

Drain Down Water w/Drain Down Pro & Pump

Drain and pump all of the excess water out of the pipe before re-installing pipe and adding a new service valve.

Use the Drain Down Pro when doing commercial plumbing service work

Leaking pipes in hospital

Leak repairs & valve replacement/repairs

Use the Drain Down Pro where ever the pipe is leaking or where you need to replace the valve to drain any excess water out.

Factory pipes silver

Pipe installations and replacement

If you need to replace old pipes, use the Drain Down Pro to confirm the water is OFF, and drain any excess water.

Red factory pipes


The Drain Down Pro is used anytime a commercial plumber needs to cut into a piping system and this happens in many different service scenarios.

Use the Drain Down Pro when doing tenant improvement work

Factory pipes

Adding new service lines for any type of TI work

TI work can encompass so many different things. The basic scenario is use the DDP anytime you need to cut into a pipe.

Hospital TI work

Hospital improvements

Commercial plumbers do a lot of work at hospitals and the DDP is a perfect tool to help get the job done.

Bathroom TI work

Bathroom additions or renovations

This is common TI work in commercial buildings.

Use the Drain Down Pro in these types of commercial buildings

City skyscrapers

Office buildings

Structures designed for administrative, clerical, or professional tasks. They vary in size from small single-story structures to towering skyscrapers and can house single or multiple businesses.

Hospital outside building

Healthcare facilities

Buildings centered on medical care and treatment. From large general hospitals and specialized clinics to outpatient treatment centers and assisted living facilities, they prioritize patient care and safety.

Sensitive Environment
Server room

Data Centers

Infrastructure-heavy buildings dedicated to computer servers and data storage. These require precision environmental controls, high-level security, and are vital for online services and digital businesses.

Sensitive Environment
Military factory

Hi-tech facilities

Cutting-edge establishments focused on advanced technological development and production. These include aerospace manufacturers like SpaceX, semiconductor fabrication plants, and robotics labs.

Sensitive Environment
Hotel on water

Hospitality buildings

Facilities catering to guests, providing accommodation and often food services. This category includes hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, resorts, and event-focused places like convention centers.

Space factory

Industrial and manufacturing buildings

Large-scale facilities where goods are produced or stored. This category encompasses everything from sprawling factories and production lines to storage-centric warehouses.

Sensitive Environment
Residential complex in city

Residential complexes

Large buildings or complexes designed for living. Whether it's multi-family apartment buildings, upscale condominiums, or specialized communities for seniors, they focus on residential comfort.

Inside of a mall

Retail spaces

Commercial venues where goods are sold to consumers. These include expansive shopping malls, standalone branded stores, and compact strip malls or shopping centers.

College campus

Education institutions

Establishments dedicated to learning and education. They cater to different age groups and include primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and specialized training institutes.

Sensitive Environment

Cultural institutions

Establishments preserving and showcasing human culture and history. Museums display artifacts, art galleries showcase artistic talent, and libraries house vast amounts of knowledge.

Sensitive Environment
Government builidng

Government buildings

Institutions housing various governmental operations. They include judicial courthouses, administrative city halls, and larger structures like federal office buildings.

Research facility lab

Research facilities

Cutting-edge centers focused on scientific research. Whether it's biomedical labs, chemical research facilities, or tech development hubs, they're equipped with specialized equipment.

Sensitive Environment