Why The Drain Down Pro Tool Was Invented

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October 13, 2023
Drain Down Pro Tool - Protect your company from commercial plumbing flood risk

Drain Down Pro: A Must-Have Tool for Every Commercial Plumber

Why I Invented the Drain Down Pro: Words from the inventor

This tool was created by a commercial plumber to solve the problems he faced everyday on the job.

Evan was a commercial plumber working for a big union plumbing company. Everyday on the job he had to cut into pipes to do his work. Many times this routine task created huge problems for him and his co-workers. He had co-workers cut into pipes that still had water pressure even though they thought the valve was off and flooded the building. They also faced challenges draining the water from the pipes they were working on without making a huge mess. Evan experienced these problems firsthand and wanted a way to protect himself, and the company from massive liability. He created the Drain Down Pro. He and his co-workers constantly used this tool on the job. After using the Drain Down Pro for years he decided to start selling the tool globally so all plumbers could benefit

"Every business owner, property management company, building owner & insurance company should require this tool to be used to protect their investment."

Top Reasons to Own a Drain Down Pro:

  • Water Confirmation: Confirms water is OFF! Plumber/business owner/building owner's worst nightmare is to have a flood. Imagine cutting into a live water line, water gushing everywhere with limited means to control it. You already “thought” water was off.
  • Electrical Comparison: I think of this tool the same as an electrical tester. When you flip the breaker off to an electrical outlet/water heater/pump/etc to replace it, you NEVER trust the breaker. ALWAYS test the wires with a voltage detector/multimeter to make sure they’re off. Same thing for water but we don’t have a tester until the Drain Down Pro!
  • Worst Case Scenario Imagined: Plumber cuts into a pipe with his sawzall on the 30th floor of a building under full pressure. How do you possibly control the leak? Plumber cuts into a water line under full pressure in a hospital/lab/server room/computers/electronics/etc.
  • Efficiency: Makes quick work of draining a pipe: 1/2” hole to drain from vs a small hole from self-tapping screw (1/8” maybe?). When you turn water off to a building, the goal is to have it back on as quick as possible! Waiting around for water to drain is a joke.
  • Drain Control: Control draining since there’s a valve to turn on and off.
  • Pressure Ready: Tool will handle full pressure and tested up to 150psi (80psi is max building pressure according to plumbing code but sometimes it’s even higher), just in case water is not turned off.

Other Noteworthy Features/Benefits:

  • Multi-functional: 1 tool works for multiple pipe sizes (1.5”-4”) and types (copper, PVC, CPVC, galvanized, PEX).
  • User-friendly: Easy to use and install, less than a minute to save possibly $1000’s. Common size socket (9/16” and 3/8”) and nut driver (3/8”).
  • Convenient: Easy to replace drill bit. No need to take the tool apart, simply insert Allen wrench through the drain valve and ta-da!
  • Portability: Small and lightweight, easily fits in your tool bucket. Reduces downtime that water needs to be turned off since the pipe will drain quicker.
  • Recommendations: Every business owner/building owner/property management company/insurance company should want/require this tool to protect their investment. Just like electricians test their wires to make sure power is off, plumbers need (not should) to test the water line.

Insurance and Water Damage:

  • Water damage claims caused by plumbers on the job site either being incompetent or accidental is a big deal for all parties involved especially insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies offer lower rates for homeowners who install leak detection devices. In some cases, they even require them to be installed after a flood has occurred. Will this be the same for companies that use the Drain Down Pro?


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